Hydraulic cylinders: The heroes of every construction site

Hydraulic cylinders are powerful workhorses – whether they are single-acting or double-acting. Or whether they are multi-stage telescopic cylinders or pneumatic cylinders. But hard work demands excellent quality.

Manufacturers of construction machinery and attachments are well advised to have a partner at their side who can supply these heroes in excellent quality. Ultimately, deployment or replacement must be quick!

Hydraulic cylinders for many different applications are available from HyRoConnect

At HyRoConnect, we supply you and your customers with hero-quality hydraulic cylinders. Of course, suitable for every machine park and the tasks that these heavy-duty workers are expected to perform. With short delivery times. Including long durability.

The key technical data of our construction site heroes at a glance:

  • Working pressure up to 600 bar
  • Bore size from 40 to 600 mm
  • Stroke length up to 10,000 mm

We offer a variety of construction site heroes – from the tie rod Adonis to the threaded hero and the welded muscleman to the bolted heavy-duty type. But our powerhouses are all the same in one respect: Your customers can rely on them. Every day. Every minute. And in every area of application.

Want to know more about HyRoConnect’s hydraulic cylinder heroes?

We would be happy to introduce you to our range of heroes. And provide you with comprehensive advice. So that you are guaranteed to find the right workhorse for your clientele.