Rotary actuators: The stars that perfect excavation

The most important detail of a rotary actuator is the multiple, counter-rotating high helix thread. This requires maximum precision in the production process – for maximum reliability and maximum durability.

This is certainly nothing new to you. As a manufacturer of construction machinery or attachments, you know your way around rotary actuators blindfolded. And you know about the superpowers that the practical rotary drives develop in almost every excavator. This is precisely why you and your customers will also value the high quality of HyRoConnect’s rotary actuators!

Rotary actuators for almost any excavator are available from HyRoConnect

Mobile excavators, crawler excavators, walking excavators, mini-excavators, midi-excavators – there’s a suitable piece of equipment for every field of application. But one thing remains the same: With an additionally installed rotary actuator from HyRoConnect, excavating is a snap. Because now the excavator bucket cannot only dig, but also tilt: smoothly up to 90 degrees to the right and left. Exactly how you want it.

Compacting soil and wasting diesel was yesterday.

Welcome to efficiency and speed!

Engineering made in Germany

Our rotary actuator stars at a glance:

Rotary actuatorsTonnage classSwivel angleOperating pressure
RA10,0 – 1,9 t180°210 bar
RA32,0 – 3,8 t180°210 bar
RA53,9 – 5,6 t180°210 bar
RA75,7 – 7,7 t180°210 bar
RA97,8 – 9,9 t180°210 bar

You’ll see: These construction site stars are something your customers won’t ever want to do without!

Want to know more about HyRoConnect’s rotary actuator stars?

We’ll be happy to present our star range to you. And provide extensive advice so you are guaranteed to find the right super powers for your customers’ excavators.